Created by Willy Chong, this shelving unit is made entirely out of laminated paper.

The little notches sticking out the side hold the curled ends of the shelves in place. Chong calls these "love handles."

Chong isn't sure exactly how much the shelves can hold, but his tests showed them capable of carrying at least 4kg (nearly 10 pounds).

The folding process lends the paper strength.

Chong says the project combines elements of his heritage as a Chinese Swede: papercraft from China with minimal design from Sweden.


Paper Shelves Can Hold Almost 10 Pounds Without Crumbling

Haven't you always wanted to stack paper books on a paper shelf?

Willy Chong, a Chinese-Swedish designer, decided to delve into the paperwork of his heritage for his newest project: a shelf made entirely out of laminated paper.

The shelf, called "Paper," is made exclusively of sheets of laminated paper—and has no structural help from wood, metal, or plastic. It's easy to construct and to deconstruct, too. The individual shelves are secured to the walls of the unit by use of flowery curls that Chong calls "love handles," and which extend out through notches in the walls.

The paper actually can withstand quite a bit of weight; Chong demonstrates this by stacking four one-kilogram weights (nearly 10 pounds) on a single shelf. So now we know it's strong enough to hold some tchotchkes. (You might think twice before stacking all your David Foster Wallace hardcovers on it.)

You can watch him constructing "Paper" in this video:

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