In the 84-year history of the World Cup, 32 teams have participated.

One designer took it upon himself to visualize this history.

He turned to simple Helvetica--the typeface renowned for its incredible clarity.

(Which is why it's used by NYC's public transit system.)

And then he crammed as may stats as were legible into a print for each team.

(Even teams making their first World Cup appearance!)

The universal design allows you to skim the results quickly.

Even a casual fan can see immediately that Germany's 60 wins are a huge accomplishment...

...when you can count the wins of other teams/countries on one hand.

That said, there is one catch...

...these posters will be dated soon!

As soon as one extra goal is scored by any team, they'll be out of date.

That said, they are an interesting snapshot of a time and place.

They're like a baseball card, for soccer, in the year 2014.

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The World Cup's 84-Year History Reduced To Typographic Posters


We’re all Americans here at Co.Design. So there’s a limit to how excited we can get about soccer. But we can get very excited about nice typographical work, like World 32.

World 32, by New York graphic designer and former Metropolis magazine creative director Criswell Lappin, is a series of posters celebrating the historical stats of all 32 World Cup teams in two-color, Helvetica-based prints. They capture information like the year of the team’s first appearance, number of wins, draws, losses, goals scored, and goals other teams have scored against it.

"I was a huge baseball card collector growing up. I loved to look at the stats on the back of the cards and compare my favorite players," Lappin tells Co.Design, pointing out the project's impetus: "I wanted to create a project at the intersection of sports data and design."

Originally, he attempted a similar project with baseball but was overwhelmed by the wealth of stats. Soccer allowed him the chance to refocus the idea. All of the stats behind the project, wrapped in basic national colors and crystal clear Helvetica, shrinks the World Cup’s 84-year history in a more comprehensible scope. As you skim over the assorted prints, you can't help but notice Brazil’s 67 wins, especially compared with the USA's measly seven.

"Each of these countries takes such pride in being there, from the stalwarts like Brazil and Germany down to teams like Greece and Honduras—but for different reasons," Lappin explains. "Brazil has its five championships, but just imagine how much the two goals that Honduras has scored in World Cup play meant to that country."

World 32 prints are available now, starting at $30.

Buy them here.

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