Floating Mug Protects Your Furniture (And Marriage)

Little design problems can be big emotional problems.

Designer Tigere Chiriga invented this elegant, highly functional mug in his first year of marriage, after he found himself in the doghouse for leaving stains on wedding gift furniture.

"I would get yelled at all the time," he wrote on the project’s Kickstarter page. Well, Chiriga took the lesson to heart and designed the "floating" mug, a porcelain mug with a built-in coaster.

The problem resonated in the masses: Backers contributed nearly $40,000 to the project, far exceeding Chiriga’s $15,000 goal.

As mugs go, this one is simple (white) and strong; its handle can bear the weight of a half-gallon of water.

Get one (and save your marriage) here.

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  • Ed Steinerts

    OK, didn't anyone else see what's wrong with this picture? Guess not, seeing they collected $40,000! As soon as you tilt the mug to drink, the coffee that dripped into the "coaster" will spill onto yourself. Nice...brown...spots...on your pants, or shirt. The coaster has to be absorbent.

  • I think what the designer is relying upon (and maybe also tested for this), is for the warm (assuming it's used for hot or warm liquids) beverage, trickling down the side to ultimately dry out on its way down the side of the mug (because the warm or hot side will cause evaporation), and then continue that evaporation at the bottom of the mug, before it has a chance to drip into the bottom 'saucer' and then drip further down from there on the second 'tilt to sip'. I had the exact thought.

    What I wonder is whether having the weight floating above the actual base makes it any more or less resistant to tipping over. That's my curiosity.

  • Typing over depends purely on two functions:

    • how high the centre of gravity (C.O.G.) is over the table top
    • how far the edge of the base is from the centre of the C.O.G.

    The configuration between doesn't matter.

    If anything, the higher weight distribution of this mug will make it easier to tip over.