Netflix Unveils A New Look

Netflix has updated its website with an airier look and a flat, boring logo.

Netflix has debuted a subtle redesign of its website. The core layout of movies and shows is unchanged, but the experience is notably brighter, thanks to what appears to be a slightly lighter gray backdrop, and an airier, white navigation bar that replaces the old red one.

Perhaps the most noticeable change is the incorporation of Netflix's new logo. Last month, Netflix teased a flatter logo (but refused to talk to us about it). Today, that logo appears to have officially rolled out as part of the redesign, replacing Netflix's bold, extruded logo, which evoked classic Hollywood.

The new logo isn't our favorite. Here's what we wrote about it last month:

The updated logo isn’t offensive. Like so many logos, it’s too quiet to offend anyone . . . The new Netflix logo’s only real crime is that it has no excuse to exist. Though, sure, graphics are trending flat, so thick extrusions are out of fashion. And Netflix’s business is less and less about the boisterous red envelope that slayed Blockbuster than it is about easy digital streaming.

No idea if Netflix's red mailers have abandoned the old logo as well. We've reached out to Netflix for comment. We'll update the post if and when we hear more.

Netflix's official site

[Hat tip: Engadget]

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  • Alix Robinson

    the old version was much better! can we petition them to change it back?

  • With Netflix releasing more successful content that they produce and offer exclusively, it makes sense to move away from a logo that "evoked classic Hollywood". It communicates that they are seeing themselves as moving forward from that realm.

    While you can obviously disagree with the look of it, if this is the messaging (which we won't know until Netflix expresses their motivations), it would make sense.

  • Honestly, their previous logo was perfect. The new logo falls into the Yahoo! school of redesigns... in other words, "why did we do this"?

  • Stefan Morris

    What a shame - The Netflix brand now looks like everything else - flat and boring. Don't get me wrong.. I like "flat" design and my particular design style is minimalist, however the "flat" technique is just that - a technique. Its not a mandate for how everything should look. The original Netflix logo was a throwback to the classic days of cinema. Its bold colors and faux 3d gave it an iconic look and connected me to the world OUTSIDE of the digital space (popcorn, movie tickets, etc).

    Now it looks like just another

  • Lisa Mazur

    I like the flat logo as well. It seems like it will have more brand staying power for the long haul in contrast to the old 3d version. I also like the website and the brand intro that appears on original programming. So in my opinion, money well spent on the rebranding.

  • I like the new, "flat" logo.

    To me the 3D version has become a bit dated looking.

    Or maybe I'm just bored with it, as I've been a member w/Netflix from day one.

    Just my opinion as a working graphic designer and self-professed font geek.