Bounce Below, soon to open in North Wales, is a trampoline park like we've never seen.

It's located in an enormous former mining cavern in a town with a name we won't even try to pronounce.

It consists of three giant trampolines, strung as high as 180 feet off the ground, and walkways connecting them.

How do you get down? Via a 60-foot slide, of course.

Bounce Below opens July 4th.

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World's Largest Underground Trampoline Is Completely Bonkers

Deep inside a Welsh cave lies the best technicolor trampoline party in the world.

Blaenau Ffestiniog, a mining town of fewer than 5,000 residents in Wales, will soon be home to one of the coolest bounce houses in the world. On July 4, Bounce Below opens in the Llechwedd quarry, one of many mines in the region that, since the 18th century, supported a once-thriving slate industry.

The quarry is already a famous tourist destination in Wales, but now it'll all be amped up. Bounce Below is the latest attraction from Zip World, an outdoor adventure company that mostly does, as its name suggests, zip-lines.

Bounce Below represents the company's foray into something new: Three enormous trampolines, mounted as high as 180 feet off the ground, are connected by walkways in the middle of Llechwedd Caverns. And it's all illuminated by a crazy-beautiful technicolor light show in purples, blues, and greens. There are net walls to prevent people from bouncing their way out, and a 60-foot slide that serves as the exit. No doubt the size will play some part in the experience—the attraction is twice as big as St. Paul's Cathedral, so the effect of all that dazzle, in the eerie space, is bound to be a little surreal.

Zip World recommends you wear trainers (translation: sneakers) and long pants, because temperatures inside the cavern can drop into the mid-40s. That might be chillier than the proposed Parisian trampoline bridge, but does that bridge have a light show? Or actually exist? Nope.

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