Remember how the Great Hall in Harry Potter would show the weather outside? Finally, there's a real-life gadget that does the same thing.

Patch of Sky, a project from a handful of Italian researchers, shows the weather in any of several specific moving gradients.

Powered by an Arduino, it connects to your Facebook to figure out your location.

Then it figures out the weather in that location to show on its colorful surface.

There are 11 different weather options, ranging from snow to heat to fog to sun.

It's designed to be given as a gift, so your loved ones can take a glance and know what the weather's like wherever you are.

It's available in three sizes, the difference being the size of the actual circular/semi-circular display.

Unfortunately it's still a prototype, so you can't buy it just yet.

Arduino-Powered Lamp Changes Colors To Reflect The Weather

A virtual patch of sky inside your apartment.

Remember how the enchanted ceiling in the Great Hall, in Harry Potter, resembled the sky above? Also: remember how the Weasleys had that clock that showed the status of each family member? This lovely Patch of Sky project combines the two and lets you magic up your home, too.

Developed by Leonardo Amico, Federico Floriani, Reda Jouari, Alice Longo, Akshataa Vishwanath, and Giorgia Zanellato, at the Italian research studio Fabrica, the Patch of Sky lamp takes three forms. Each consists of a circular or semi-circular mirror and a sturdy, narrow bar. The narrow bar and the border of the round display are both patterned like the night sky, but it's the mirror that makes the lamp special.

Powered by an Arduino (the inexpensive open-source micro controller board) and connected to the Internet, Patch of Sky uses your Facebook location to figure out where you are and then matches up the current weather, in real time, to your lamp. Any of 11 possibilities, including snow, fog, sun, drizzle, and heat, animate your mirror with a gently pulsing gradient color. And when you travel (assuming you let Facebook track your location), the weather wherever you are continues to get displayed on your lamp—so those at home can virtually see what you see outside.

The lamp is still in prototype, which is too bad, since I'd like to buy it.

[H/T Creative Applications]

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  • Or you could simply look out your window.

    Ambient Devices created a similar product called The Orb. You could choose the data that was visualized, Weather, stocks, etc.

  • Really cool idea. I don't particularly like that it goes by your Facebook location, as that's something I don't usually share with Facebook.

    Personally, I think it'd be better if it had its own app so you also had the option of connecting it with your smartphone instead. Plus then maybe you could choose what weather you want to be mirrored instead of it going by the actual weather. Maybe I'd rather see some sunshine when it's really raining!