What’s Up With Monster’s New Animated Flag Logo?

An unedited transcript in which the Co.Design chatroom debates the new logo, an animated flag by Siegel+Gale.

Mark Wilson: monster has a new logo, and it's an animated flag

Adrian Covert: lolwha

Mark Wilson: did that paste for anyone?

John Brownlee: Yup!

Adrian Covert: oh there we go

Suzanne LaBarre: no

AC: the text header on their site is horrific

MW: it's a large gif i think, has to DL

SL: no way that is real

MW: it’s real

AC: go to

AC: its real

MW: i actually think the flag looks really nice on their printed stuff

JB: Yeah, although the Brand New guys don’t hate it, surprisingly.

SL: why a flag

JB: I have a bigger issue with a hyphen in hello like that!

MW: im not sure how i feel about it. i agree, the why a flag question is there

The logo, a purple Monster flag, is a symbol of relentless innovation, vibrancy and quality, and serves to unite job seekers and recruiters. The flag is symbolic of the individual achievement of finding better — literally planting your flag as a personal mark that you have successfully arrived in your quest for better.

The purple flag is unique to Monster in a space that is populated by very cold identities, the flag ads warmth and humanity and is unique as no country in the world uses a purple flag. The purple color historically used to come from sea snails making it very hard to come by and such only royals used this color.

The flag and the visual identity will inform and inspire Monster’s new suite of products starting today.

AC: all of the letters look improperly kerned and/or incorrectly sized

MW: i kinda think it was clever to claim the flag though. how many good animated logo ideas are there going to be, really

AC: it just looks straight out of 1998 though

MW: and what can they do, go with a monster? because their name is monster?

i agree w/your point about the kerning, etc, adrian—though i think it reads well on the flag, bad when it's flattened on their site

JB: The previous logo

AC: i mean the previous logo is super tacky, but at least it isnt lifeless

MW: i dont get why this flag isn't actually on their site

SL: we should just publish our campfire chat about this as a post

MW: sounds good, let me go back and time and be more clever

the website version makes me thing it's a streaming media service

no idea why

AC: it looks like a filler page for a url squatter

JB: I think the bigger discussion is why purple is a color dot com companies need to abandon.

Just like Yahoo, there’s no saving it: it looks terrible.


That’s the worst part to me.

MW: brownlee only goes to blue websites

JB: It’s one of those strange logos where, the longer you look at it, the less the word makes sense to you.

AC: yes


JB: You start focusing on what a strange word monster is.

AC: i was staring at the gif and it was just a bunch of rando letters

and then i just started reading it as monsanto

JB: The old Toys ‘R’ Us logo struck me this way.

AC: oh monster logo has almost the same font as

MW: Ahh, subliminal messaging! nice spot AC

MW: PS I'm pasting all of this discussion into my gdocs and then our CMS

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  • Flying purple flag does not work for me. How does a flying purple flag feel like 'monster' do they go together as a brand...their branding manifesto failed to make a connection for me. Their contrived explanation about purple being of royalty (what is 'royal' about job seeking?) and the flag 'serves to unite job seekers and recruiters' doesn't translate for me...also contrived, does anyone feel this logo 'ads warmth and humanity'? Doesn't feel warm and human to me, the logo feels cold and out of touch with it's audience and it's brand...nothing human about being out of touch. And why are they comparing themselves to a country? 'no country in the world uses a purple flag'...the symbolism doesn't work. None of what they mention in their manifesto about their new logo works for their branding. I agree with an earlier comment, 'how many companies could use a monster and get away with it. Monster, go back to your graphic designers and try again!

  • why don't they just go the whole way and have a 3d rotating .gif? they were cool, right? And maybe to add a bit of sparkle to the whole thing, maybe a catchy jingle....

  • Besides the colors, the typeface used in the Monster logo isn't really anything like the Roku logo.

    While I kind of like the flag on that example of printed materials, their website looks boring, generic, and amateur. It needs the flag to have any sort of personality or meaning. Even then, I don't love the idea. I kind of agree with others that they should just go with the Monster thing, though I can see how the monster connotation could be challenging to work with people looking to get hired.

  • Joel Emmett

    Their name is Monster. They should use a monster. How many people get to do that?

    This reminds me of "Pirate Radio" in the 90s. It was a Los Angeles hard rock/hair metal/pop rock station (trying to become a syndicated/national brand) targeting young males and the girls who liked them.

    And they had this tacky lightning bolt text logo because "radio."

    And I just kept thinking: "YOU COULD BE USING THE JOLLY ROGER -- THE MOST FAMOUS LOGO IN HISTORY -- AND YOUR AUDIENCE WOULD LOOOOOVE IT!." Flags flying from billboards, tshirts, unexplained skull & crossbones stickers on pickup trucks, it could have been a total win.

    The company failed, switched to easy listening, and they auctioned off the remainders.

    It's like that interview with Julia Childs, where they asked, "What do I do for my guests when all I can cook is a fried egg?" She said, "Fried eggs are good. They aren't fancy, but for what they are, they're very good. So, serve up your fried egg with style." That.

  • Joey B Lawton

    Ben Vanderveen, you beat me to it. I was just going to mention the same thing.