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MIT Will Teach You Photojournalism For Free

The latest online course from MIT will have you dusting off that camera you never use.

If you ever wanted to get more serious about photography, but weren't quite sure where to start, MIT's free online course in photojournalism just might be the right entry point.

It's not a full-blown photography class—there's no instructor or peer feedback, and the course assumes you already know a little something and don't need to learn all the technical aspects of camerawork. Instead, it centers around the type of photography most of us partake in: shooting our environment on the fly. A curated reading list and weekly assignments are designed to guide you in thinking about how to approach subjects and environments. They're also intended to help you translate the five senses you experience in the living world into a single, dynamic photo.

Assuming you already have a functional camera, the only expenses for the course are a few books, most of which you can find on Amazon for cheap. Plus, it's something you can do at your own pace and on your own schedule. The worst possible outcome is that you might end up a better photographer.

Check out the course here.

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  • Dramatic & enticing title, great visual, but the content seriously under delivers. Sorry, but some of the other links to courses with videos (in the comments) might be a better bet.

  • Same thing as the rest of my fellow readers! I'm pretty interested in the course, there are no further details on how to apply or enroll! Does Mr. Covert have some more in depth info for us, the eager and enthusiastic all around the world readers? Thank you so much in advence!

  • littlegellyp

    How do we get to apply? What dates is this course rolling? Are we getting any certificate? These are a few questions that are not getting answered. What kind of support do we get from the professor? How are they going to make the student selection?

    They provide information on the course and syllabus, but there is some information missing?

  • littlegellyp

    Besides the course outline, they do not provide any further details concerning how you can apply for this course, when does it start, how will this course take place on the internet, is it realtime? Do we receive a certificate? etc

    How do we get information like this?

  • hb1038

    There is, indeed, an instructor - and not only that, he's a Pulitzer Prize-winning former journalist - B.D. Colen. He didn't win his prize for photography, but his photo work is downright astonishing. Maybe not with live feedback - but still one of the best there is to teach photojournalism.

  • sohughj

    Astonishing? I don't know about that. To me his credentials seem more impressive than his actual work, and they don't even have much to do with photography (MIT isn't famous for their art program, for one thing) so that isn't saying much. A quick Google shows that the bulk of Colen's online presence is devoted to chatting in groups that talk about photo equipment (Leica), so that's not a promising sign either. When I think of "astonishing" work the names that come to my mind include Nachtwey, Richards, and Salgado, among others, and those guys are out there doing stuff, not hanging around gear forums.

    You'd be much better off trying to find a local community college that has a student newspaper and try to get into that.

  • Is there video of the class instruction/lectures? I did not find any video--just the syllabus and the course reading list. Would love to hear the lectures.