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Buckyballs To Issue Refunds For Unsafe Toy Magnets

The desk sets, inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller, were pulled from shelves in 2012.

The maker of Buckyballs and Buckycubes has agreed to issue refunds to customers who return the high-powered desk magnets. In 2012, the Consumer Safety Commission sued to recall the toys from shelves, citing safety concerns.

Craig Zucker, founder of the company that manufactures the magnets, sold two and a half million sets before the CPSC lawsuit forced him out of business. CPSC and retailers including Amazon, Brookstone, and Urban Outfitters were moved to action when dozens of children had to undergo surgery after ingesting the magnets, despite safety warnings. Zucker has set aside $375,000 for the refunds.

Image via Flickr / nottheonlymaxm

The magnets were inspired by the designs of architect Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, famous for his futuristic geodesic dome.

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  • jaqc

    CPSC sucks! I have 3 kids, some of whom were toddlers when we got them, and they all love their Buckyballs.

  • jaqc

    I second that. You guys suck, CPSC. I have 3 children, who were toddlers when I bought them and no one got injured. They love their Buckyballs.

  • rgb

    You can have my Buckyballs when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. F&$K the CPSC.

  • Miriam Kelley

    This is not as much about choking as it is about how powerful the magnets are. There are known instances of these magnets causing perforations of the intestines because they want to stick together even when there is a wall or walls of intestines between them.

  • Yes, the magnets are more dangerous than marbles when swallowed by a child, but the CPSC is still completely ridiculous. They are for the first time saying that warnings don't work, and assuming that an entire population must be kept away from magnets that nearly everybody is able to use safely.

    And how dangerous are they? Do some research and find out. Balloons are the #1 killer of kids. ATVs kill hundreds of people every year.

    Unlike many products that are meant to harm (guns, tasers, pepper spray) or products that are expected to cause harm (trampolines, skateboards, snowboards), magnets are only dangerous if misused.