Here's What Happens When David Lynch Directs An Ad For $50 Christian Louboutin Nail Polish

Trip ouuuuuut.

Christian Louboutin has made his first foray into cosmetics with Louboutin Rouge, $50 nail polish that lets you match your nails to the red soles of his famous, patented heels. To make a commercial for the blood-red lacquer, Louboutin tapped avant-garde filmmaker David Lynch. And holy shit is this thing weird.

Most nail polish commercials feature some cliched variation of glamorous, Photoshopped models showing off their perfect manicures. The Rogue Louboutin Film, on the other hand, takes us on a mind-bendy tour through the fantastical city of "Loubiville" in some far-off corner of space. Silver orbs fly around pearly towers; manicured hands hold up a bottle of Louboutin Rouge like it's the Holy Chalice. If the video is any indication, Louboutin Rouge might be the world's first nail polish infused with LSD.

The nail polishes retail for $50 apiece online and at Saks Fifth Avenue. It will soon be available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and Sephora.


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  • KJ Bélanger

    Are you serious? $50 for a nail color.?.. I'm sorry but from what planet are you from..... That's sheer bending over someone that's either stupid or has such low selfworth that they feel a nail polish will make them worth something.

  • Hopefully, with that kind of promotional talent (aside from any judgment on the spot's quality) maybe Louboutin will forget about their campaign (outsourced no doubt) placing web-form spam on places as irrelevant as out healthcare software site.

  • Your article seems to imply that Louboutin has not worked with David Lynch before. While I'm not a huge fan of this spot, I have liked what David Lynch has done for Louboutin in the past, going back several years. There's even a Louboutin fetish site ( featuring Lynch's photography of the brand's shoes.

  • breeden.adam

    Buuut.... you didn't. It wasn't your idea and you weren't in a position to... because you aren't David Lynch. One of the most unique ads I've seen in a long time (especially for nail polish).