1,323 And Rising: Illustrating The Human Toll Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict

That includes more than 200 children.

More than a thousand people have died in the conflict over Gaza since tensions flared at the beginning of July, including over 200 children. This simple, but powerful, interactive visualization from the Washington Post plots the deaths, illustrating each casualty with a silhouette that indicates the victim’s gender and age—black for adults, red for children. It's a humanizing look at a thoroughly dehumanizing war.

As of July 30, families had paid the highest price, with Palestinian civilians accounting for 852 of the 1,323 casualties.

Click for a larger view.

[H/T the Washington Post]

Image: Beit Lahia, Gaza via Ryan Rodrick Beiler / Shutterstock]

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  • Truly a pathetic article... why no infographic of the 170,000 killed in Syria, at least 30K of whom were children? Or the thousands butchered in the past few weeks by Boko Horam in Nigeria? Or perhaps the 500 Christian women and children buried alive in Iraq by Isis just last week?

    Oh, can't blame the Israelis for that one, not interested I guess... As I said, pathetic.

  • js0891

    Loss of civilian life is a terrible byproduct of war. Unfortunately, Hamas has no desire for peace with Israel.

  • js0891

    The loss of life is a terribly byproduct of war. Unfortunately, Hamas has no desire for peace with Israel.

  • Why is the outrage always greatest for Israeli military action? Where's the infographic that shows the 7,000+ Iraqi civilians killed by US troops, or the 2,000+ people killed in the ongoing US drone attacks?

  • James Jay

    The only thing more repulsive than these killings is the US Congress approving of it. Enjoy being controlled by the Israel Lobby.

  • rbaldwin

    So Ainsley, now that we’ve learned that over the last two-three years the Chinese have HACKED the computing systems of the manufacturers of the missiles used by Bibi’s band of outlaws in their missile spraying ‘DOME’ machine, and have sold that technology thru out the middle-=east (everyone wondered why the Hamas hand-made missiles were so much better now?? (Remember this IS rocket Science now!!)

    This conflict will now escalate to the point of Bibi’s wildest dreams!! Most of the middle-east will be GLASS by 2020…. HA !!

  • Tawfiq M Alkilani

    All of us (US tax payers) are culprits, over 20% of Israeli military expenditure is paid for by the US, so at least every 5th Palestinian civilian casualty is our responsibility. Enough is enough!