Today's most popular dietary restrictions, in chart form: by @careydunne via @FastCoDesign
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What You Can Eat If You're A Pregnant, Gluten-Free, Foodie Vegan


If you’re one of the few remaining people who doesn’t have a dietary restriction of some sort—be it veganism, a food allergy, pregnancy, or GOOP—you probably wonder what, exactly, the groups of fashionably picky eaters are actually allowed to put in their mouths. Here to clear that up is author and illustrator Michelle Rial, who’s created a Venn diagram visualizing "What People Are Eating These Days." If you are a pregnant, gluten-free, foodie vegan, the only thing you’re allowed to eat is hummus. Pregnant, foodie, and gluten-free is a better deal—you can gorge yourself on In-N-Out milkshakes. And just think of the Tofu-Swedish Fish casseroles you could make as a gluten-free vegan! (Unless you think Swedish Fish have feelings.)

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Rial playfully skewers some of today's most popular dietary restrictions—veganism and gluten-free-ism—in two other charts that you can see over at the Bold Italic.

[H/T the Bold Italic]

[Image: Swedish Fish via Shutterstock]

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