Are These Baby-Shaped Pears Creepy Or Adorable?

Chinese company Fruit Mould lets you grow pears shaped like fat, sleeping infants, in case that's your thing.

Have you ever been eating a pear and thought it could be improved by being shaped like a fat, sleeping baby? Well, if so, you’re in luck: Suzhou, China-based company Fruit Mould makes plastic baby-shaped molds that it fits around budding pears, so that once big and ripe, the fruits resemble little yellow cherubs hanging from a tree. It also make molds for creating tiny, juicy Buddhas, in case you’ve always had an urge to bite into the Enlightened One’s potbelly.

In case you were unaware, Fruit Mould is the same company that brought us sexy peach underwear, since we all know what peaches reallylook like. And if that isn't enough, it also makes molds for making cube and heart-shaped watermelons, star-shaped cucumbers, and apples printed with words like "Love."

What's next? Molds to shape real babies like pears?

(Ed. Note: Let's hope they're not reading this. -AC)

[H/T DesignBoom]

[Photos: courtesy of Fruit Mould]

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  • lucy.ye11

    Joey and James, why the negative comments? Clearly the piece was written to be humorous and doesn't disparage Chinese culture in any way. Obviously from Fruit Mould's comment they don't take themselves too seriously either, otherwise they probably wouldn't have such creative ideas in the first place. Relax!

  • Fruit Mould

    Hello everybody . the baby shape pears is just growing for fun , it is real pear shaped by a plastic made baby shaped mold ,,and not a serious deal . i know many of you guys know Chinese culture well , and yes ,A Journey to the West is well know in China, and Chinese people are deeply effected by it ,and many of the baby shape fruits were figured out and widely welcomed in here .

    what is more ,.we have many other shaped fruits such as , square shape watermelon , heart shape watermelon , star and heart cucumber ,square apple ,Buddha shape fruits , so please have a visit to if you are interested .


  • James Song

    There's nothing wrong to publish this on your website but I hope you could do a little more research and perhaps it will slightly broaden your knowledge of China. Like Joey said this is a mocking fruit of that 6000-year maturing fruit in A Journey to the West, and that book is one of the most read book in China.

    But I can totally understand, it's much easier to write a story with a mocking end only based on a few pictures and another website's coverage, rather than do your own research and find out what exactly is the company's intention. I don't blame you Carey, really.

  • Joey Gao

    I hate the tone and ignorance of the author to hastily judge another culture based on a single picture. The baby shaped pear is mocking a legendary fruit matures every 6000 years that originated from Chinese folklore A Journey to the West. I am not saying the company has good taste for producing such novelty items, but by singling out this one incident is like criticizing frog shaped chocolate and candy that taste like vomit from the Harry Potter books.

    I wish all so called journalism be more investigative and remain an open mind, especially for a design blog.