Wonder What Google Street View Is Like With Sound? (Spoiler: Awesome)

Sounds of Street View un-mutes the virtual globetrotting program, adding 3-D audio of its environments.

Google Street View allows anyone with an Internet connection to take incredible virtual tours of almost anywhere in the world--now even the high Arctic. But one thing that makes it feel more virtual than realistic is its lack of sound--everywhere you visit appears eerily silent.

A new concept from hearing aid company Amplifon could change that. Sounds of Street View, a digital exploratory sound experiment that lets you hear 3-D audio of whatever environment you’re viewing. It uses the Web Audio API to bring spaces around the world to sonic life, letting you eavesdrop on the sound of a jazz band playing in a park, or the rushing of a fountain, or the bustling of a foreign marketplace.

The sound is 3-D in the sense that it recreates the way the human ear processes sound according to the direction from which it comes: sounds that happen behind you are passed through a filter to sound like they’re coming from behind; sounds from the right play primarily in the right speaker; and sounds from the left play from the left. These sounds shift according to your movements. Un-muting the world of Street View like this feels a bit like stepping from black-and-white into technicolor. Watch and listen in the video above, or check out a live demo here.

[H/T Creative Bloq]

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  • xxxraiderxxx

    Cool concept. It reminds me of those point-and-click adventure games. It would be pretty cool if someone developed one of those games based in real-world locations using Street View and this sort of audio overlay.