With Apologies To Hershey's Chocolate Company

Your new logo kinda stinks.

All I can see is the emoji poo.

Read more here.

Art by Harkoo; the logo has been edited for maximum hilarity.

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  • Matt said it best. This article is a piece of trash. You sound like a teenager. You might as well have said 'Sorry; not sorry' instead of 'With apologies'.

    "Art by Harkoo; the logo has been edited for maximum hilarity."? Yeah if you're 5 and want to try to make fun of stuff.

    Design critique should be both insightful and constructive. This is not art critique. It's a nutpunch for guffaws. Welcome to the age of 'idiocracy.'

    And I call this article a piece of trash on purpose so you can maybe relate to how it feels when you create something and someone blasts it for their own pleasure. But I doubt you would admit to feelings, since you obviously have no maturity.

    Just because the design is for a huge co. does not mean their are people who poured their souls into decisions. Decisions that need to be approved, therefore usually manipulated from the more pure original designs they might have wanted to use.

    You aren't a writer. You are a troll. Trolling is not satire

  • rwjanderson

    Gosh you are a whiner. It DOES look like emoji poo. In this case, 1000s of people aren't wrong.

  • Denise Glass Parrish

    yeah and if he wrote a mature critique of it maybe it would be a bit more professional.. but the fact that you had to start your response with first grade namecalling leads me to believe professionalism isn't one of your strong suits.

  • toniwebb3

    Steaming poo emoji, that's what I see. The ten-year old graphic designer must be laughing his head off.

  • Joel Emmett

    I assume it IS the poo emoji. It is completely obvious and unavoidable. And I assume they think it's clever and/or hate their employer.

  • Steve Mac

    why change , what was wrong , if you wanted to refresh, there s a much more effective plan out there

  • Aldo Falabella

    I hope Hershey's scares you with a mark squatting suit. This is not even satire nor fair use.

  • That's not even the logo and this is a lame post.

    Pretending like it's their logo, even though you show it with an added smiley face and blinking eyes, is a cheap shot.

    Worse: complaining about the design, on a design portal, while showing a completely different design, is like saying that the design doesn't matter, which is presumably the opposite point of your "article" and this website.

    I expect more from FastCo. This post is like some TMZ Design version of the story that actually spreads and perpetuates the wrong information.

    You have a great platform but you should treat your subject matter and your audience with more respect.

  • I have incredible respect for our audience, their ability to think critically enough to recognize parody, and their taste in recognizing when a design is not worthy of placing on a pedestal. What you call a cheap shot represents a huge oversight in branding work done for a multi-billion dollar corporation, filled with naiveté that their product still has more iconographic significance than one of the most popular digital messages of the modern era.

    Now go get mad about something a whole lot more important on the internet today.

  • You can't even counterpoint a comment intelligently. "now go get mad about something...more important?" Honestly, if you're working for fastcode, shouldn't you be better than this?

  • You need to clarify that the eyes & smile are not part of the logo.

    The refresh really isn't much of a difference, just taking out the bevelling & 3d of the old one, and changing up the supporting typeface. They probably could have gone farther, but I don't agree that this is the atrocity you make it out to be.