Cimzia's Prefilled Syringe is the first syringe designed with and for rheumatoid arthritis patients. The device is designed to overcome self-injection challenges faced by those who self-administer this biologic medication, which can be tough if people's joints are painful and inflamed from rheumatoid arthritis. The prefilled syringe and syringe components improve on areas that people with rheumatoid arthritis struggle with when self injecting medication. All parts are designed to put patients in control, empowering them during the self-injection process and promoting a more independent lifestyle.

Credits: Eric Freitag, Dan Formosa, PhD, Joern Vicari, Boris Kontorvich and Steve Vordenberg of Smart Design; Darrell Morgan and Barbara Domanska of UCB (Belgium); and Alex Lee and Michael Patel Delevante of OXO