Graham Button


Graham is a founding principal of Bravo Echo, working with leaders of organizations to evolve their business through brand, strategy and commuications. “We find the truth behind the noise, distill insight from human patterns, and build narrative that changes behavior.” He is a writer from London who spent 20 years in the advertising world, at agencies in Hong Kong, Toronto, and finally New York, where he was an Executive Vice President at Grey Worldwide. Graham traded Madison Avenue for Boulder in the first wave of the start-up boom, and for a partnership with boutique business and creative consultancy Genesis. In 2014, he and a close group of colleagues launched BravoEcho in Denver, Grand Rapids and San Francisco. He has helped to create lasting brand platforms for all kinds of enterprise, including healthcare, education, workspace, airlines, destination travel, museums, publishing, and consumer goods. He thinks that “in a world of spin, the truth is power.”