Sony’s Netbook Vaio Pocket Surfaces Online

News and leaks online have been revealed in small spurts about a new netbook from Sony, but now an “official” leak on a Sony website has confirmed that the machine is reality. It’s dubbed the Vaio Pocket, since it’s supposedly sized to fit into a pocket (albeit quite a big one.)

And, just as predicted, it’s not one of the typical “vanilla” netbooks: Sony has indeed sprinkled the machine with some Sony Vaio design magic which places it at the top end of the netbook market. Although the screen is a smallish 8-inches (to fit into the machine’s slender form), it’s a massive 1600×768-pixel job–neatly negating the problems of websurfing or word processing on a low pixel-count netbook screen. The screen is also LED-backlit for low-power requirements.

Inside it’ll have up to a 60GB hard drive, with an option for a 128GS solid-state drive–a large size not heard of in the netbook market. The Intel processor inside is not specified in the leaked imagery, but it’s likely the Atom Z520, with 512K cache and 533MHz front-side bus. Sadly the machine’s weight, battery-life span and price are filled with Xs or “NaN” errors in the copy, so we’ll likely have to wait until CES to find out more.

But since it looks like the Vaio Pocket is a netbook only in terms of size and choice of processor, don’t expect the Pocket to come cheap.

[Sony Style via Gizmodo]KE