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January 19, 2009:Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and we have one day to Obama’s inauguration!New World Economy So much is changing and becoming more interesting and meaningful. This is an evolving era of mass insight, global to local co-creation, collective skillset communities and urges of mass contribution and engagement.

January 19, 2009:
Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and we have one day to Obama’s inauguration!


New World Economy
So much is changing and becoming more interesting and meaningful. This is an evolving era of mass insight, global to local co-creation, collective skillset communities and urges of mass contribution and engagement. Case in point, welcome to the Fast Company global conversation, thank you Fast Company and the many, many conversations going on out there.

2009 News: Posting this week is a GENERATION G Briefing, with TRENDWATCHING.COM. Reinier Evers the inventive Amsterdam entrepreneur and innovator of has invited us to contribute to his current ‘Generation G: Generosity, not Greed’ posting. Check it out online at, global release today with a US release on Wednesday.

How can we speak of generosity in an era of economic downturn and change? Three main reasons the world is moving into a conscious consumption model:
1. Recent consumer disgust with greed-induced crisis
2. Deep consumer longing for someone who cares about them, about the world
3. Above all and pre-recession, the emergence of a more generous culture, fueled by the online revolution which is about sharing, giving, creating, etc, AND about delivering status and recognition to individuals who actively participate. This is a shift from the old model of status for individuals who consume the most and the best.

OUR NEW WEBSITE has posted today and we offer many FREE downloads including GENERATION G breakdown points of view and stats. Also offered are free inspiration and blog downloads, links to our famed Apple color and design articles.

BLOG OUTLINE: A Year of Travel
This has been a year of travel and shared conversation for Brazil to Seoul, Copenhagen to Montreal, Sweden to Los Angeles to Chicago and to New York. The conferences are interesting enough to jot down and report, which is my goal for the next few months of the blog. I hope to share nuggets from events as grist for the mill – what we shared, what was shared, and what you think about it.

We will post pictures, and share perspectives through the time honored traditions of meaningful gossip within well-intentioned pseudo journalism (certainly on my part). This is trending provided for your personal and professional knowledge bank. Enjoy freely and best to you in the new year, Jody.



This year we will be speaking in Istanbul on retail trends (with Brian Dyches, thank you Brian), in Portugal to a marketing school on marketing trends, at a leading innovation conference in Boston and to life coaches at the interesting US conference called Conversation Among Masters. More to come, and we will report on all of our travel collections and observations.

IDEO: Innovation and Collective Creativity.
A conversation with friends and IDEO partners Owen Rogers, IDEO San Francisco and partner Paul Bennett, IDEO London

SERGIO PALLERONI: Sustainability in the New Economy.
The National Design Award Winner, architect and writer recently established an architecture school for Portland State University with a focus on sustainable processes and social ethics. Sergio will share with us how sustainability will increase in the new economy.

NEW MEDIA: Online is changing brand connections, but how?
A panel of industry leaders and advertising leaders present and are interviewed on the future of new media. The trends, the consumers, the brands and the technology will be discussed. Thank yous to IDEO and Sundance Channel.

REINIER EVERS: Business Entrepreneurship and the New Economy.
The creative entrepreneur who founded We will share his brilliantly pliable and creative business mind about the future.


BRAZIL’S INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CONGRESS: A collection of Brazilian creatives and myself speak on design trends.

THE MYSTERY EXECUTIVE: A brilliant corporate leader at a top of mind company gives his thoughts on where we are going. He provides such juicy conversations and tidbits.

CEOs FOR CITIES: How are cities fairing, what are they doing? Driving forward change via the city. Carol Coletta will share her latest projects influencing business and politics.

DESIGNBOOST: Business and the Sustainability of Design.
People from all over the world flock to Malmo Sweden where we discuss the powerful trends of Redesigning How We Live Work and Play.

THE BRAIN & INNOVATION: We have a wonderful brain neurologist associate and we are putting together a new presentation. It is in the making, we will discuss our thoughts.


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