A House Optimus Prime Would Love


A British architecture firm just completed a house that can be re-shaped at the push of a button. dRMM designed the house on a simple linear plan, just like the farmhouses in the surrounding countryside—there’s an annex at one end and a glass atrium at the other. But here’s the surprise: A motorized shed can move across the entire compound, selectively covering and uncovering sections. (See progression below.)

The shed is 90 feet long and weights 50 tons; it moves on a recessed railway, thanks to four motors. It may seem like a gimmick, but as it moves it creates a number of useful configurations. For example, in the winter you might want to enjoy the outdoors, but if it’s too cold you roll the sheath back, exposing the glass atrium. Come summer, you might want a covered porch, so you extend the sheath all the way, to create an overhang—while at the same time shading the atrium so it doesn’t get so hot.

There have been dozens of cutting edge houses with roll away facades—in fact one is going up in New York, where each apartment has a roll away wall that acts as an enormous metal shutter. This one probably has them all beat. Now can I please get a house that transforms into a car, airplane, or even just a boombox?

House Transformation

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