Two “Lost” Producers Share Their Unlikely Sources of Inspiration [exclusive images]

When we spoke with Lost’s co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse recently, plenty of questions were off limits. But this creative duo happily divulged the office keepsakes they turn to for inspiration. And, with the show’s season five premiere tonight on ABC, we’ll take any insight we can get.


“At the quarry where Michelangelo chose the stone to carve David, I picked up this piece of rock. It rests nicely on my Apple computer stand, so I see it all the time when I’m writing. Michelangelo could see through the stone to what he wanted to sculpt. That, to me, is creativity on such a mind-blowing level. If he could do that, how hard could it be to write an episodic script?” –Carlton Cuse, executive producer


“My father would read to me before I went to bed every night, and he would slip his glasses into this case. I have all these great associations with the stories–science fiction and genre and fantasy. My dad was an incredible storyteller and he always loved that I wanted to be a writer. He read a book a day, if that’s possible, and he and I read to each other very often. All the Oz books, the Narnia books, the Alice in Wonderland books—we’d finish one and then just dive into the next one.” –Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer

The creative offices at Disney were full of stories like these, and plenty more will be included in our upcoming Fast 50 issue, which details the 50 most creative companies in the world.

Photos by Maren CarusoKR