The Whip is the Lamborghini of Snowboards


Here’s an innovation that Fast Company cover-boy Shaun White might love: A snowboard that overhauls how snowboards are designed. Four years in development, it’s just been launched, at a cool price of $1899.

Snowboards have always been impressively engineered—they’re super thin, bendy as hell, and extraordinarily strong. But the Whip, designed by Cheetah Ultra Sports, is something else—packed with new design ideas. It has two key features: A scaffolding that raises the rider a few inches off of the surface of the board, and a cut-out that runs along the board’s main plank. The latter reduces the surface area in contact with the snow, cutting friction and allowing faster speeds. The scaffolding does a couple more things though: First, it distributes the weight of the rider to the center of the board, rather than the outside edges, so that it becomes easier to steer; Second, it acts as both a shock absorber over bumps, and a spring when you need extra oomph. The only down side we can see is adjusting to the higher riding height, which could be tricky to get used to.

[Via Core 77]CK