Sad News for Architecture Fans: Portion of CCTV Complex Burns Down


In 2009, one of the most eagerly anticipated buildings in the last 20 years was to be completed: The headquarters of CCTV in Beijing, designed by Rem Koolhaas and OMA. A striking, integral piece of that complex was the nearby Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Sadly, it looks like the hotel has almost completely burned down this morning.

As Reuters reports, the building caught on fire while locals were setting off fireworks for the Lantern Festival. (Slideshow of the fire here.) In addition to the hotel, the building was to include a theater, recording studios, and a movie theater, while the iconic building next door would include the TV station’s main broadcasting units. The latter looks unaffected, but no word yet on whether the fire will affect its opening schedule.

Here’s a video of the entire complex, and a series of views of the MO Hotel:

UPDATE: Images and on-site reporting at the Shanghaist.

UPDATE 2: The New York Times has an evolving stub about the fire, and the video of the fire looks pretty bad: