Backlash Branding: Cessna’s Bizarre New Ad Campaign

Private jets are getting shellacked in the media: First, the highflying Detroit executives; then, Citigroup’s embarassing admission that it was buying a new plane while taking bailout cash. Well, the folks at private-airplane maker Cessna noticed, and damnit if they’re going to take the bad PR lying down. They’ve responded by firing off a new ad campaign:


So apparently, being a risk-taking visionary means having cushy perks and a carbon footprint the size of the Hoover Dam? And the execs at Citigroup and Detroit were just wimps? Color us unconvinced. But here is Cessna, explaining themselves in a press release:

“Today, we are demanding business leaders and managers work at their absolute peak to turn their companies, and our economy, around,” Pelton said. “Business aviation provides the means to do just that. A business aircraft is a tool of industry, and one that should see its highest and best use during times of fiscal crisis. Anyone who has ever seen managers board a business aircraft at dawn and return well after dark, having visited multiple cities and attended countless meetings in one day can attest to the fact that business aviation allows companies to get the most out of every minute of every day – exactly what is needed to work our way toward economic recovery.”

Where can we get a reality-distortion field, like the one the Cessna people have?CK