A Hotel in the Middle of the Sea


The Radical Innovation in Hospitality awards were just announced, and the winning idea is one that is both novel and totally do-able. The idea: Turning a decommissioned deep-sea oil rig into an eco-resort.

Usually these rigs are exploded at the end of their life–some 4,000 will expire in the next century–but Morris Architects wants to retrofit one, using a system of pre-fabbed hotel rooms, built into shipping containers. (That idea isn’t strange at all. It’s actually been done several times before.)  The resulting hotel would be powered by wind turbines and wave harvesters. It would feature over 300 suites, and a panoply of resort amenities: A casino, boating slips, and, of course, lots of water sports. As the designers point out: The ice hotel had great success attracting intrepid travelers, so why not create a similarly unique experience, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico?


[Via Jetson Green]