Bespoke Shirts, with the Click of a Mouse


Nike iD pioneered the idea of mass customization, offering shoes featuring color palettes that you can design. Timbuk2 advanced the story with custom messenger bags. Various jeans manufacturers will scale their denim to the size of your tush.

Shirts My Way, just launched last week, takes the trend up a couple notches: The website takes you through every aspect of the shirt, from the fit to the collar to the color of each fabric panel—what the company claims are 7 trillion option combinations. The fit can be customized with up to 11 different measurements, from cuff diameter to back length. Even the Elephant Man could probably get something to his liking. The prices start at just $59, and for now there’s free-shipping world-wide.

This may be a first for guys, but women have had this option for a year or two. Shirt-makers Rebecca and Drew offer a fit customized by height and bra size, but at a much higher price point.

Shirts My Way is cheaper, but there may be some tradeoffs: The fabrics look a bit rough, if the picture (above) is any indication.  We wonder what’s next. What other products scream for mass customization? Your thoughts?

[Via Josh Spear]