Crucifix-inspired Design: Campy or Sacrilegious?


A group of Swedish Designers, Humans Since 1982, just completed a design that’s sure to draw protests: A wire-mesh lounge, supporded by the structure of a prone cross—letting you sprawl out in the same pose as Jesus on the Cross. (Direct your letters to the designers, please!)


The all-black design has the post-Apocalyptic feel of an art installation by Terrence Koh or Banks Violette. But it’s also the latest in a couple recent riffs on the crucifix by product designers. One is this cross brush, by FredriksonStallard for CITIZEN:Citizen, a design distributor that specializes in cheeky, ironic wares. The idea is to wash your sins away:


Another was the bygone iBelieve, designed in 2005 by Scott Wilson. A lanyard for the early iPod shuffle, it was meant to lampoon the cult of Apple, but it reportedly was loved by Christians, sans irony:


[Lounge via Designboom]