In Only One Year, Hulu Becomes Fourth Largest Video Site in U.S.


Brains! That must be the secret to Hulu rocketing up to being the fourth largest video site in the U.S. in February, right? That’s what Alec Baldwin told us in this creative Super Bowl ad, which may also have had something to do with the video site’s healthy traffic bump last month. Of course, it could have been the high-quality content–from Fox and NBC, as well as TV shows and movies from more than 120 sources, from the Food Network to Paramount Pictures.

The site’s viewership increased by 55% to 7.8 million during February with 332.5 million streams, according to comScore Media Metrix. YouTube still dominates though, with 5.3 billion streams compared to #2 Fox Interactive (MySpace) with 462.6 million streams and #3 Yahoo, with 353.5 streams for that same period. But Hulu shot right ahead of Microsoft and Viacom to become #4. Hulu first launched March 12, 2008, and in just a year has become a major onliine video player.

“Hulu’s success is its freedom to operate essentially as a stand-alone company, largely safe from the turf battles that plague most joint ventures,” said CEO Jason Kilar when we interviewed him for The Fast Company 50, where Hulu landed in our #3 spot for most innovative companies in the world. “Hulu is about the shows, not the networks. The shows are the brands that users care about,” he said

Looks like the site’s obsession with focusing on what its users want is paying off in a major way. But if you don’t mind, we’re sticking with the brains diet.

[via, TechCrunch]LDJ