Beyond Human: Kanye West’s Complex Cover Pushes Design and CGI Limits [video]

Milk on his futuristic April/May cover photo shoot:

“I wanted to do a series of photographs that was 100% pure form. When you look at things in the world everything is comprised of form and texture. Form is everything that takes up 3 dimensional space and texture is on the surface of it. The photography takes place virtually inside of the computer. You move the camera around in 3D space. Instead of standing there with camera you’re doing it all inside of the camera.

It starts with a facial scan, a super hi-res scan of the face. Then a laser scan of the entire body. It takes a long time to render. It looks like clay because the lighting is super realistic. Some may think it’s a statue, but it’s a uniformed texture. In any CG model you see this is one of the layers of that model.

I’m always interested in using new technology and doing something no one has done before. But it’s for the greater good of the concept, not just to show off.”