iFive: Apple’s New iPhone and Chicago’s Spire Are Rising and Google’s Old Wonder Boy Is Falling in Today’s Innovation News

While you slept, innovation brushed up his resume and begged Google CEO Eric Schmidt to let him come home. Here’s today’s top innovation news:

  1. Next-gen iPhone rumors abound. Video camera, faster Net, can act as a DVR remote. Expect a mid-June announcement, which AT&T reportedly thinks is “becoming a tradition.” It ranks third in my house, just behind Thanksgiving and Apple Rumor Day, which is, of course, every freaking day. [Via The Boy Genius Report via Techmeme]
  2. Former Google CIO (and Fast Company cover boy) Douglas Merrill got fired from his post as EMI Music’s president of digital after less than a year with the ailing company. “I’m not a music professional, right?” he said in an interview when he got hired. That is correct. [via Peter Kafka
  3. Baseball’s new MLB Network looks like a hit. Why? “It’s lean and its staff can put deals together very quickly and creatively.” [via NYT advertising column]
  4. Chicago’s stalled skyscraper The Spire from starchitect Santiago Calatrava (that’s the say-it-six-times-fast challenge for the creative class) may rise after all, if the developer can make a deal to have the AFL-CIO’s pension fund pay for it to secure five years of construction jobs. [via Chicago Tribune’s Mary Ellen Podmolik]   
  5. This is my brain on frozen Coke.
    Create Your Own

    The viral-marketing elves at Omnicom Group’s Freshworks/The Integer Group have created a Brainfreeze Laboratory for 7-11 in time for Slurpee season. Upload a pic and see what you look like under the influence of your favorite flavor. Do it now and feel smug in July when you see this all over Facebook. [via BizReport]