Is This the New iPhone Spec?

DigiTimes has released what it’s saying is the parts list for Apple’s third iPhone, with only one major element missing: the processor. According to DigiTimes, the device will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor and its subsidiaries.

Even more enticing is the alleged release date for iPhone 3.0: May 2009. If Apple has chosen to roll out the device in time for summer, it would take a lot of the wind out of Palm’s launch of its new smartphone, the Pre. It might also be well-positioned to upstage Google’s imminent update to Android, called version 1.5, aka “Cupcake.” That version is said to include a litany of end-user improvements like an on-screen keyboard, YouTube uploading, and desktop widgets, as well as a host of shortcuts for developers.



The timing would place the third iPhone’s announcement conspicuously ahead of Apple’s WWDC, but would also be relatively consistent with past summertime iPhone releases.

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