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This Month's Cover Story:Hollywood's Rogue Mogul: How Terminator Director McG Is Blowing Up the Movie Business, by Mark Borden, page 54
How the director known as McG, a master of music videos and guilty-pleasure TV, became a power in Tinseltown—and now plans to transform the studio system. (Read it here)
Plus: Terminator Salvation: McG Video Interview Part 1 [exclusive]
Plus: Terminator Salvation: McG Video Interview Part 2

Mobile App Mania, by Farhad Manjoo, page 72
Everyone wants a piece of the booming iPhone ecosystem, from competitors like Google to marketers like Nike. Farhad Manjoo analyzes the mania that has grown up overnight around the iPhone and Apple’s App Store. Entrepreneurs like Ethan Nicholas, who projects his tank game will make him a millionaire this year; big brands such as Kraft, which see the app world as a ripe marketing realm; and device makers such as Research in Motion and Nokia all are salivating to exploit the new passion for mobile tools. (Read it here)

The Doctor of the Future: How Facebook-like Software and Surgical Robots Are Bringing the American Health-care System Into the 21st Century, by Chuck Salter, page 64
Cutting-edge technologies, from Facebook-like software to surgical robots, are bringing the American health-care system into the 21st century—just in time. Senior writer Chuck Salter avoids the swamp of congressional hearings, lobbyists’ arguments, and think-tank reports about health-care reform and instead visits with on-the-job doctors who are already deploying the kinds of cutting-edge technology that could make medical treatment cheaper, better, and more convenient—and reassert America’s global leadership in this critical area. (Read it here)

Meth Mouth: Tom Siebel's Brash Anti-Crystal Campaign, by James Verini, page 84
Tech billionaire Tom Siebel has no doubt that he can keep teenagers off crystal meth—and change the world—as long as everything is done his way. James Verini explores the method behind the Meth Project, whose graphic, harrowing TV ads—directed by big-time auteurs—have blanketed Montana’s airwaves since 2005. (Read it here)

Honeywell's GPS-based Landing Tech Could Save Airlines Billions, by Greg Lindsay, page 80
Honeywell’s new GPS-based landing system could save the airlines billions – and save you from terminal hell. Greg Lindsay, reports on the first salvo against interminable flight delays. (Read it here)

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