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If you're eager to slow the unceasing treadmill of blog posts, RSS feeds, text messages, and Tweets, then Sam Potts wants to help. Simply sign up for Twitter on Paper and he'll send you one of his tweets—by mail. Each Twitter-on-Paper is a handmade drawing by Potts, a graphic designer. They're free—no hidden costs or agendas. Except maybe one: You've got to sign-up to follow him on Twitter, before you can choose a tweet for him to send you. Once you are a follower, all you have to do is click on the time stamp of a tweet you'd like to get in the mail. It's all a joke, of course—an extremely slow, inefficient one that celebrates an era before bits and bytes ruled the world. "Recently we've seen a number of new services that help you put tweets on things," Potts explains on his about page. "No one is putting tweets on paper. It's a shame. Twitter on Paper changes all that. We aim to demonstrate that a paper-based media model can compete in the modern marketplace."

This is, after all, the man who designs the covers for John Hodgman's books, and who once wrote a brilliant op-ed flowchart for The New York Times documenting the life choices of former D&D dorks (like me).

Twitter On Paper