LightLane, the Bike Lane That Rides With You: Now a Reality

A few months ago, we brought you news of LightLane, a bike accessory that projects a bike lane onto the road around a rider, using lasers. Now, the concept has made the all important leap to prototype. Along with a new site, LightLane’s inventors have just created a video showing the tech at work:

As we wrote before:

If you’ve never ridden a bike in a city, the idea’s brilliance takes some explaining. Though many cities, including New York, have right-of-way laws forbike riders, drivers ignore them, treating bike riders like trafficcones. (That’s one reason why urban bike riding remains so dangerous.) Bike lanes dramatically improve the situation, but they cost up to $50,000 a mile to install.

The light lane finally allows bike riders themselves to right thesituation, using a cheap lasers to project a lane around the rider. Ofcourse, it only works at night, but the idea goes a long way towardsfixing a major obstacle in making bike riding more mainstream incities, and it doesn’t require any fancy tech.


LightLane hasn’t specified when the product might be available, but it’s clear they’ve made tremendous progress, very fast. And if your clicks are any indication, they shouldn’t have any trouble finding a market for the device.

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