Big Winner at Cannes? SWAG


Want to know the most sought after prize at Cannes this week (aside from these fancy little Cannes Lions awards)? Purple flip-flops that my wife won’t let me wear in public.

I got my flip flops at an intimate lunch hosted by Yahoo! yesterday. It was the highlight of the day for me personally. All of the usual suspects were in attendance, including digital notables such as AKQA CEO Tom Bedecarre, Wenda Harris Millard, former Co-CEO of Martha Stewart Living, and Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman of WPP.  

I had never met Bob Greenberg, founder and CEO of R/GA until yesterday. I found him to be incredibly charming and likable.  Although we are competitors, he congratulated us on our big week in Cannes. This means a lot to me- given how much respect I have for him.

But my best moment was seeing Sir Martin sneak out of the lunch early — carrying a bunch of purple flip-flops in his hand.

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