The Eco Design Blog Series

Upcoming we will be focusing on three main points of modern design within the sustainability conversation:

1.    Iconic, long lasting design that inspires immediate and long-term relationships with design and product. For instance, I have my father’s MontBlanc pen he used throughout most of his life as my main pen of pens – a great combination of continual reuse and feel good all at once. With this we have an interview waiting in the wings ready to post with the Danish designer Jens Skibsted regarding his new book Instant Icon. We will also pursue friend and associate Eames Demetrios for commentary on icongraphic design approaches per the Eames Foundation.

2.    Sustainable and Biomimiced materials which are materials that have, like a leaf, a planned timeline working toward cradle to cradle in some form or another. We have again in the wings an interview with Sergio Palleroni who has worked in sustainable architecture for many years (Design Like You Give a Damn) and who recently started the sustainable design and processes school for Portland State. We will be talking about resources such as Ecolect and will hopefully catch a few designers from Nike Considered to see how they are doing.

3.    On a more intimate level, we will be interviewing a stanch ECO DAD who has ‘made’ his family the perfect eco lifestyle. We will get the resources and the real low-down on how this is going. We feel a reality program coming up in his future.

We will post the first article within the next two weeks. Enjoy your summer!    JT