Collapsable Milk Jug Makes Milk Last a Week Longer

collapsible milk jug

The James Dyson Awards, a sprawling event that garners thousands of entries from design students the world over, is a pretty phenomenal wellspring of ideas–the short list runs into the hundreds. Treehugger points us to one concept we hadn’t seen: A collapsible milk jug that makes the milk last longer.

The designer–who has to remain anonymous for now, since the contest isn’t over–points out that plastic milk jugs basically foment milk spoilage, because they trap air in the container. And that’s what the concept, Fresh, fixes. As the milk level gets lower, you collapse the container bit by bit, toprevent undue air exposure. The designer claims that experiments show that the milk lasts a week longer as a result.

A product like this could be a huge boon to other countries: To save plastic, Canada and parts of Europe require offer milk sold in plastic bags, which the users take home dump into permanent containers. And that, apparently, makes the milk go bad even faster than it would in a plastic container.

We wonder: Couldn’t designs like these be built into the design of a standard milk jug itself? Why couldn’t we design accordion-style ridges into milk containers, so that we could collapse those as well?

[The Design Blog via Treehugger]

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