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Facebook's Swank New Offices

The HQ was designed with the help of online committees, and just like on Facebook, writing on the walls is encouraged.

facebook offices

Facebook's offices used to reflect the Web site itself—instead of one central office, employees were scattered across Palo Alto in ten different locations. But not anymore: Everyone just moved into a cavernous150,000-square-foot space at theStanford Research Park that's likely to make you sick with envy.

Studio O+A did the interior design, and they've got experience with understanding the needs of an exploding dotcom burning through millions every week—the firm got its start designing funhouse offices during the dotcom boom.

For Facebook's new offices, Studio O+A sought to preserve rather than destroy the polyphony of the previous office arrangement. Since each of the ten offices had cultivated its own aesthetic and culture, they created numerous "neighborhoods" in the new space—including a DJ area, numerous lounges, and impromptu work spaces. Like Facebook itself, the employees are encouraged to write on the walls, add artwork, and rearrange the furniture (within reason—this is Facebook not MySpace, people).

Naturally, they used Facebook to conduct company-wide polls about the design process, and an employee board oversaw the decisions as well.

Read more and see more images at PSFK.

facebook offices
facebook offices
facebook offices
facebook offices
facebook offices

San Francisco sculptor Oliver DiCicco used an abandoned hoist to create a movable (but fixed) table:

facebook table
facebook offices
facebook offices
facebook offices

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