Audi Teaser Web site: Do Lawnmowers Mean an Electric Car Is on the Way?

Audi just gave a new spin to rumors it’s got an electric car ready to unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show by launching a teaser Web site. How’s the German car-maker whipping up an alt-fuel frenzy? With videos of lawnmowers.

Seriously–check it out:

Funny, no? If that didn’t get you all hot under your collar, then there’s more: This clip is of a high-voltage arc leaping an air-gap at an electricity substation.

These clips are from a new Web site called and, yes, they all show the awesome power of electricity in some way, and end with a sci-fi-looking Audi image. All of which most definitely indicates there’s a big Audi electric car announcement due. Leading theories point to an electric powertrain version of the R8 supercar, although Audi has denied it, and that powerful machine would tally with the whole “untamed” theme better than an electric version of Audi’s family-friendly A3.

With the recent unveiling of BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics concept supercar, which will also be properly revealed at the Frankfurt show, it looks increasingly like lots of design energy is being poured into high-end cars by the high-end auto makers. And though electric supercars aren’t exactly going to rock the eco-friendly world with enormous reductions in oil consumption, they’re still important: The design ideas and innovations wired into these designs will eventually filter down to the normal electric cars that ordinary souls like you and me will soon buy.

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