Work Snug: AR App That Helps Road Warriors Find Workspaces

Recently, we brought you a blow-out listing of augmented reality apps that are already in the works–from social networking, to gaming, to shopping, to navigation.

But the new applications keep coming, aimed at nearly every facet of life that involves finding something you need. The latest is one that would be helpful indeed, to anyone who’s found themselves desperate for wi-fi and a coffee while on the road. Work Snug, an app being developed in conjunction with Plantronics, leads you to cozy workspaces, each of which have been rated on a list of qualities, from noise levels to seating to wi-fi.

The developers say that very soon, Work Snug will be available for London and San Francisco, with other cities around the globe to follow before year’s end. You can sign-up for updates on the app here.

[Via NotCot]CK