Infographic of the Day: The Best Ski Resorts in America

Ski season’s almost upon us, and Ski Magazine and Bad Feather have teamed up to produce a handy graphic guide to the country’s best ski resorts:

ski resort survey

On the outside of the pie chart, you can see the overall rank of the resort; each one has a bar graph emanating from the center, showing how strong they are in a given category. In the actual interactive graph over at Ski’s site, you can rejigger the bar graphs by clicking on any of the whopping 18 categories.

All that’s pretty cool, but there are probably a more clever ways to visualize this–for example, it would be helpful if at least the pie chart reorganized itself, to reflect ordinal rankings in the different categories. You could even take this in another direction, with a mutlidimensional trend line or even a heat map, which would show the relative strengths of the different resorts. Still, this one’s useful, considering how much data it represents.

[Via Chart Porn]