Twitter’s New Wine Gets You Drunk on Social Causes

Twitter’s gonna be making a wine! It might not be half bad! Although unfortunately, the wine will not be Twitter branded, and the label will not be written in Tweets. But just like Twitter, the wine will not be a moneymaking venture.

“Fledgling Wine,” created by Biz Stone and Evan Williams, two of Twitter’s three co-founders, will go for $20 a bottle, with $5 in proceeds going to Room to Read, a non-profit that builds libraries in Asia and Africa. It’s estimated that every case sold will buy 60 books.

The wine might not be half bad, either. Like true internet geniuses, the Twitter guys have figured out how to make wine without having to own either their own vineyard or winery. Instead, they’ll be sourcing grapes from famous vineyards in California, and making the wines at Crushpad. The San Francisco winemaking facility sort of resembles those DIY pottery cafes–anyone can come in and make their own wines, with help from the their staff of expert winemakers.

Stone and Williams will be making two wines to start, a pinot noir and a chardonnay, with a first bottling in August 2010. After that? #hangover