How the iPhone Caught Pac-Man Fever

Jonathan Kromrey
General Manager, Apple Games
Namco Networks
San Francisco, California

Jonathan Kromrey, 41, worked at Apple as an iPod and iPhone games producer and designer before helping to create Namco’s new games team dedicated to the platform.

“When I was at Apple, we could put the blinders on to focus on game play. I took my entire development team with me to Namco in part to replicate that focus. The iPhone is very different from other mobile devices, and it’s important for us to stay up to date and add things as Apple supports them with the device — from peer-to-peer and multiplayer games to using the accelerometer or the compass. There are a bunch of new tricks and tools available.

Our next big initiative is to let players access their Namco games no matter which device they’re on, so you could play against your friend who’s on his PC or seamlessly jump from your PC to your iPhone. We feel like a kid in a candy shop right now, saying, ‘Yeah! We’ll have some of that. And that. And that.’ “