Addicting Games Takes on the Teen Market

Kate Connally
Vice President, AddictingGames
MTV Networks
San Francisco, California

Kate Connally, 37, manages AddictingGames, the largest free online-games site for teens, with 3,500 titles and 15.3 million monthly visitors. She’s now bringing those games to the iPhone.

“Media companies need to provide experiences wherever their audiences are, and the iPhone is really where we’re seeing the audience go. One of the big reasons we thought our online strategy would work on the iPhone is because AddictingGames aggregates games from developers everywhere from Canada to India. If you’re an independent and you make one title, it’s very difficult to get noticed. Our brand can give games that initial marketing boost. For example, when we launched iPark It — a car challenge — in the App Store last August, it hit No. 7 in the games category.

We’d love to do more immediate, news-based games on the iPhone as we do online. We published Shut Up Kanye in the days following the MTV VMAs, and we did Where’s the Naughty Governor? last July just after Governor Mark Sanford admitted to having an affair. Both games were enormously popular. One of the biggest barriers to these kind of games on the iPhone is Apple’s publishing process. We’re working with Apple to reduce that delay, because this is a great medium for instant, socially relevant game play.”