25th Anniversary of the First Mandatory Seat-Belt Law in the U.S.

Live free or die, indeed: Twenty-five years after the first state law requiring buckling up took effect in New York, only New Hampshire still lacks one. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the economic benefits of seat-belt laws — in dollars saved from prevented injuries and deaths — exceeds $3 billion per year. So why is New Hampshire holding out? “The small minority who are against it are very passionate,” says state representative Sally Kelly, sponsor of the latest proposed seat-belt law. The Union Leader, New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, wrote an editorial earlier this year claiming, “There will be no stopping the flood of laws that will come, all to protect us from ourselves.” If only it were so easy. — ZW

Tue, December 01
25th anniversary of the first mandatory seat-belt law in the u.s.

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