Hey Apple, I’m Not Paying $200 for a Black Keyboard

In an inexplicably poor marketing decision, Apple’s new economic Macbook has better specs than it’s ostensibly more powerful companion, the Macbook Pro. The 13″ Macbook, retailing at $999, boasts 250 gigs of hard drive space and a 2.26 Gigahertz processor, compared to a 160 gig HD and a 2.26 GHz processor in the $1,199 Macbook Pro.The Macbook pro does look different, with a stylish black keyboard and a metallic body.

Perhaps, it was just my inattention to detail that drove my skepticism for the Macbook Pro’s obviously inferior value. So, I dropped by my local Apple store to chat with one their friendly, spiky-haired retail associates. In a low-voice, he confirmed my suspicions and recommended the Macbook. In passing, he did remind me that the Pro came with a Firewire port and an SD slot. But, in no uncertain terms, he made it clear that buying the Macbook Pro would be an exercise in financial silliness. As a former computer salesmen myself, I know that many less tech-savvy consumers will opt for the higher end model just from a shopping heuristic that expects more money to equal more value.  So, this holiday season, there’s no need to rub your eyes in disbelief when comparing the base models of the Macbook to the Macbook Pro.  Apple, I’m curious, what were you thinking?

Greg Ferenstein

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