Why Is Your Web Designer Wearing a Blue Hat Today?

blue beanie

You might have already noticed that the avatars of your most Web-friendly friends have donned a real (or Photoshopped) blue knit beanie today. Sure, the weather’s getting cold, but November 30 has also been deemed the third annual Blue Beanie Day for Web designers and developers who support Web standards.

Hundreds of supporters–who call themselves “Standardistas”–have already uploaded their blue beanie shots to a Flickr pool in a show of solidarity. The blue hats signify that they’ll adhere to a set of best practices for standardized, accessible, universal Web design and development. It’s these people you can thank for building Internet experiences focused on usability, meaning those of you puttering along on the oldest copy of Internet Explorer can navigate sites just as beautifully as the newest Google Chrome browser.

Jeffrey Zeldman

The reason for the blue hat is a nod to the bible-like Designing With Web Standards author Jeffrey Zeldman, who famously donned a blue knit hat in his author photo for the book, which was published in 2003. This year, perfectly timed to coincide with the blue-hat day, the book’s third edition has been published, with plenty of updates for the Standardistas to fill their blue-hatted heads.AW