Playing House: Two Cool Tools for New York Renters

Even the experts can get tripped up with the esoteric language of New York real estate–like, what the heck is an ULURP?–so two new design-driven collaborations help New York renters to understand their communities and know their rights.

The Envisioning Development toolkit is developed by the Center for Urban Pedagogy with a long list of partners, and designed by Glen Cummings of MTWTF, to help communities understand how their neighborhoods are getting built–and how they can take an active role in shaping them. Components for the affordable housing toolkit are available now, like an interactive felt chart, a guidebook, and a map to help residents hold workshops where they can learn about policy in New York City. The online map is especially mind-blowing as it charts the income of any neighborhood in New York, then can be adjusted to see what percentage of its residents can afford to live there.


Another Center for Urban Pedagogy collaborator Candy Chang (she designed its New York City street vendor guide) recently created another awesome tool to help renters, Tenant Flash Cards. A collaboration with non-profit Tenants & Neighbors and grant from Sappi Ideas that Matter created a 30-card deck that translates New York state’s Tenants’ Rights Guide into a fun and informational reference guide. These are available for only $10–a great holiday gift for any New York newbie!AW