Lunar Luxe: $90,500 Table for Norman Mailer’s Apollo 11 Book


So you’re one of Jeff Bezos’ billionaire buddies, agonizing over what to buy your filthy rich, space-obsessed best broheim this Christmas. Relax. We found the gift you’re looking for: The new edition of Norman Mailer’s Of a Fire on the Moon, his epic tale of the Apollo 11 moonlaunch. The billionaire hook? This one, reissued by Taschen, comes in a special edition, with its very own piece of lunar rock, and a case designed by Marc Newson.


The book inside is actually called Moonfire, and it’s a reprinting of Mailer’s text, alonside sumptuous images from the missions. Plain-jane editions run for $1,500. The lunar rock edition is a cool $90,500.

The case itself has detail cues–ranging from the feet to the struts–lifted from the Apollo 11 lunar lander. It’s crafted from a single piece of aluminum, and the surface is an topographical reproduction of a section of the moon’s surface.

Newson actually is no stranger to either space design, or insanely expensive one-offs: He owns the record for the most expensive piece by a living designer, the $1.8 million Lockheed Lounge; he also designed the interior for a (now scuttled) space plane

The Lunar Rock edition is set to be unveiled this week, at Art Basel, America’s swankiest trade show for contemporary art.