Pictory Lets You Tell the Stories Behind Your Greatest Photos


The one major argument that still looms in the Internet vs. Magazines debate is the fact that images can’t look as good in pixels as they do in print. Pictory, a new online magazine filled with well-curated stories, could shift that debate.

Founder Laura Brunow Miner wanted to give context to the eye candy that populates our Flickr streams. “Maybe it’s a new model for online magazines,” she writes in her introduction. “Or, maybe it’s just the best I can do from my living room.”

Readers respond to themed calls-for-entry with photos and captions telling the story behind them. The first feature, Overseas and Overwhelmed is the equivalent to traveling breathlessly around the world in 25 photos; each image is National Geographic-quality, but made even more complex, nuanced and a heck of a lot more interesting by the first-person perspective below it. It builds an intriguing narrative–and still fulfills all our daily eye candy needs. We’ll definitely be watching this one.